Aptos Foundation Twitter Account Hacked, Fake Airdrop Scam Promoted

Summary: A Twitter account belonging to the Aptos Foundation has been hacked, leading to a fake airdrop offering free APT to participants. Aptos Labs has informed users that the Aptos blockchain will continue to function normally. Moreover, Aptos CEO Mo Sheikh's account has also been hacked and used to promote fake airdrop.

A Twitter account belonging to the Aptos Foundation seems to have been hacked, with the attackers directing followers to a fake website offering the chance to participate in a fake airdrop.

The hacker announced via a tweet that everybody who signed up for the airdrop will get free APT. In addition, it said that claims in excess of $1,000,000 had been submitted.

Team Trying to Regain Access

The bogus notice claims that an airdrop would take place on the Ethereum network. Although this alert has been widely disseminated. Aptos Labs has informed its users that the Aptos blockchain will continue to function properly. Moreover, appropriate steps are taken to regain access to the account.

CEO’s Account Also Hacked

In an effort to spread the airdrop to Shaikh’s 24.5K followers, the bad actor has purportedly taken over Shaikh’s Twitter account, making the hoax even more believable.

In a rapid Twitter warning, Aptos Labs warned users to stay away from a link that leads to a legitimate-looking but fake website. Once there, users are tricked into clicking a “claim” button and then shown a QR code that asks them to connect their wallet.

The group reported:

“We’ve received official communication from Aptos Foundation that @Aptos_Network has been compromised. The latest tweet regarding an $APT airdrop is fraudulent. Please DO NOT engage with that tweet or the link provided.”

This is just the latest attack to use social media accounts that have been hacked. This is a common method for stealing from crypto users. How many individuals fell for the phony airdrop notice is yet unclear.

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Abhishek Chatterjee