Bail Yet Again Approved for Terra’s Do Kwon in Montenegro

Terra Do Kwon

Do Kwon, co-founder of Terra, and Han Chang-joon, the company’s former chief financial officer, had their bail request approved by the Montenegro Basic Court, according to the lawyers representing them on Friday.

Attorney Branko Andelic has reported that the Montenegro Basic Court has once again approved bail for Terra co-founder Do Kwon and CTO Han Chang-joon at 400,000 Euros ($436,000) each.

Prosecutors Might Spoil the Party Again

On May 24th, a higher court in Montenegro reversed a lower court’s decision to release the accused on bail totalling 800,000 Euro. Judge Ivana Beci has agreed to release Do Kwon and Han Chang-joon once again so that they may prepare a strong defense against the charges of document falsification. The Montenegrin Prosecution Service has three days to appeal the court’s ruling. Last time, the prosecutors were successful in getting the bail cancelled.

The court has ordered them to stay in the flat provided by their lawyer, Branko Andelic, until the passport dispute is completed. They must comply with all monitoring and court attendance requirements.

The nature of the offense, the defendant’s background, and the financial stability of any possible sureties were all taken into account by the Basic Court. Do Kwon’s lawyer claimed that his client’s passports for use in Costa Rica were obtained lawfully, thus the court will investigate whether or not these claims hold water.

If the defendants skip bail or violate their conditions, the court will keep the money. After Do Kwon has finished serving his time in Montenegro, he will be eligible for extradition to South Korea or the United States.

Pooja Bhargav