Barbie Star Margot Robbie Compares Bitcoin to Character Ken; Community Reacts

Margot Robbie Bitcoin
Summary: Australian actress Margot Robbie has sparked controversy by comparing Bitcoin talkers to Barbie's character, Ken. Robbie's comments in an interview with Fandango have sparked reactions from the crypto community, including Michael Saylor and Layah Heilpern.

The latest Barbie movie star, Australian actress Margot Robbie, has sparked controversy by comparing those who speak about Bitcoin to Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken.

Robbie’s comments regarding Bitcoin in an interview with Fandango on June 22 have been met with diverse reactions from the crypto community on Twitter recently, notably from MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor and social media star Layah Heilpern.

Mixed Reactions

Robbie claimed that the attributes of Ken, the fictitious co-star in Barbie portrayed by Ryan Gosling, sprang to mind whenever she heard her husband, Tom Ackerley, and television producer, David Heyman, talking Bitcoin on set.

Along with Saylor’s declaration that Bitcoin is “Big Ken Energy,” numerous other well-known personalities in the cryptocurrency field have responded to Robbie’s remarks.

Bullish Perspective

Lea Thompson, also known as Girl Gone Crypto to her 225,000 Twitter followers, said she is “so bullish” on Bitcoin after hearing Robbie discuss the cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, Layah Heilpern had a different interpretation of Robbie’s comments, seeing them to be sexist against guys who discuss cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Sexist Comment Claim

On July 30, Heilpern tweeted to her 621,400 followers that Robbie made sexist comments about Bitcoin fans who are male by implying they are “weak and pathetic.” Mark Travers, chief psychologist at Awake Therapy, disagreed, saying that Ken’s enthusiasm might be indicative of someone who is altruistic and flexible.

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According to an article published on July 13 by Forbes, Travers said that Ken subverts gender norms via his portrayal. In the interview, Robbie said that the characteristics of Kens and the things that exude Ken energy are difficult to pin down because of their subjectivity.

Pooja Bhargav