Cardano Unveils Next Stages for Upgrade Proposal CIP-1694

Charles Hoskinson Cardano
Summary: Cardano, a layer-1 Proof-of-Stake blockchain system, has revealed the next stages for its upgrade proposal CIP-1694. Community leaders have collaborated to develop a Minimum Viable Governance framework, with 50 workshops held since the beginning of the year. Future gatherings will be planned with attendees' input to better serve the community.

In its most recent iteration of its development report, Cardano, a layer-1 Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain system, revealed the next stages for its much awaited upgrade proposal CIP-1694. As a result of the urgent need to forward the work on CIP-1694, community leaders from all around the globe got together to develop a Minimum Viable Governance (MVG) framework.

Input from Attendees

Since the beginning of the year, as many as 50 workshops have been held, with a total of about 1000 people of the community discussing the plan. One agreement is that future gatherings should be planned with input from attendees so that they better serve the community and adhere to the principles of the Cardano protocol.

The main developers of Cardano have confirmed that many voting methods would be given in the next months, thus making sure the community continues to direct the governance mechanism that signifies the community’s needs.

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In the realm of Web3.0, Cardano is still one of the most functioning blockchain technologies. It has consistently been ahead of the curve in the blockchain network industry by releasing improvements and new features.

The release of Hydra Head, the protocol’s layer-2 scaling solution, on the mainnet is one of the most ambitious updates this year, alongside CIP-1694, which will assist reset the decentralized aspects of the system.

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