Charles Hoskinson Proposes Algorand Migration to Cardano

Charles Hoskinson Cardano
Summary: Charles Hoskinson, creator of Cardano, has proposed to Algorand (ALGO) to migrate its layer-1 network code to the Cardano platform. Hoskinson believes Algorand could explore becoming a sidechain of Cardano, as it offers a mature staking exosystem with strong developers.

Cardano’s creator, Charles Hoskinson, has proposed to rival blockchain system Algorand (ALGO), asking the layer-1 network to migrate its code to the Cardano platform. In response to a tweet from Algorand Foundation Chief Technical Officer John Woods, the creator of Cardano issued a public call for participation.

John has released an update video discussing the current status of staking on the Algorand platform, as well as its built-in security measures and projected future growth. John acknowledged Cardano as a top Delegated Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol, even though the video was mostly on Algorand.

Sidechain of Cardano

Hoskinson, apparently thinking about this, made the remark that it may be wiser for Algorand to explore becoming a sidechain of Cardano.

Sidechains are ubiquitous in the digital currency ecosystem, and although they each have their own characteristics, they often make use of the underlying protocols and safeguards of their parent chains to reach their full potential.

Utilizing Cardano’s Resources

Creating a mature staking ecosystem that is well-organized and supported by smart contracts is a lengthy process. Cardano’s decentralized nature and the strength of its developers across the board are offered as an advantage that Algorand’s vibrant ecosystem cannot match.

The inherent decentralization of blockchain infrastructure is a key issue that raises objections to the notion. Most Proof-of-Stake protocols use a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) structure, which might make the process of arriving at the conclusion fairly difficult, despite the fact that interoperability is promoted.

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The protocol of Algorand has a market valuation of about $829 million, making it the 46th largest cryptocurrency in circulation. Using a unique relationship with FIFA during the previous World Cup event in Qatar, the protocol established itself as a promising new Web3.0 protocol.

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