Court Rules Extradition of Do Kwon to S.Korea After Granting Bail

Terra Do Kwon
Bail in the sum of 400,000 Euros ($436,000) has been set by the Montenegro High Court for Terra co-founder Do Kwon and former CTO Han Chang-joon. A judge from the High Court has ordered that they be extradited to South Korea, therefore they will stay in jail until that time.

Terra’s co-founder Do Kwon and former CFO Han Chang-joon have got bail approval by the Montenegro High Court. South Korean individuals being detained for probable extradition to South Korea will remain in prison, as decided by the High Court judge overseeing the investigation.

Yet Again Bail Approved But With a Twist

The decision to grant bail to Terra’s co-founder Do Kwon and ex-CTO Han Chang-joon was originally made by Judge Ivana Becic of the Montenegro Basic Court. According to court spokesperson Marija Rakovic.

Do Kwon and Han Chang-joon have been granted bail by the Montenegro Basic Court twice this month in the amount of 400,000 Euros ($436,000). This is subject to surveillance and other legal processes. The prosecution appealed the passport forgery case to the highest court in Montenegro.

Court Chooses S.Korea Over U.S

The Montenegrin High Court released them on bail. So that they could respond to the accusations that they had forged documents. Do Kwon and Han Chang-joon will remain in detention until their extradition to South Korea, as ordered by a High Court judge. Both S.Korea and US were contenders seeking Do Kwon’s possession. May be the nationality was taken into account.

Past Political Connections

Do Kwon’s political partnership with the ex-finance minister Milojko Spajic has been in the spotlight since 2018. Dritan Abazovic, a former prime minister of Montenegro, claimed to have received a letter from Do Kwon discussing his ties to Europe Now party president Spajic.

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He first met Do Kwon in 2018. When he was serving as minister of finance and his company invested in the Terra project. As a result of the Terra-LUNA crisis, they lost everything. Milojko Spajic knows Vitalik Buterin, one of the co-founder of the second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum.

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