ETH Investors Profitable Despite Bear Market; ITB Data

Ethereum Price
Summary: Despite the bear market, 63.9% of ETH investors are profitable, according to IntoTheBlock (ITB). This represents 31.31 million unique Ethereum addresses. A third group of HODLers, neutral addresses (4.32 million), are neither profitable nor unprofitable. Ethereum's potential for financial gain attracts new investors.

Key Takeaways

  • 63.9% of ETH investors are profitable right now.
  • This fraction represents 63.17 million unique Ethereum addresses.
  • Neutral addresses (4.32 million) are neither profitable nor unprofitable.

Even if the cryptocurrency market as a whole is in a bear market, ETH investors are still profitable. 63.9% of ETH investors are profitable right now, according to statistics from crypto analytics firm IntoTheBlock (ITB). This fraction represents the approximate number of unique Ethereum addresses (63.17 million at now).

The percentage of addresses trading in red shown by the displayed chart is 31.31 million, or 31.69 percent of the total number of addresses. While network participants may be found at both ends of the profitability and loss spectrums, the ITB data also reveals a third group of HODLers who are, in the words of the report’s authors, “at the money” or showing no losses. These are neutral addresses (4.32 million), or 4.37 percent of all active addresses, which are neither profitable nor unprofitable.

Ethereum’s potential for financial gain is a major selling point that might attract new investors from any industry. The fact that more individuals are making money is a great motivator for the over 445,000 Daily Active Users (DAU) on the Ethereum network. These addresses not only demonstrate the strength of Ethereum DeFi, but also the growing popularity of Ethereum as an alternative to Bitcoin.

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On the downside, the United States SEC continues to classify Ethereum as a security, while claiming otherwise for Bitcoin. The price of Ethereum is striving hard to break the $2k mark and has been consolidating for quite some time now.

Naseem Sheikh