Meta’s Threads App Surges in Popularity Amid Twitter Controversy

Meta Threads
Summary: Mark Zuckerberg launched the Twitter clone Threads app, attracting millions of users on its first day. The app is aiming to hasten its spread by capitalizing on Instagram's widespread use. Over 30 million people have downloaded the app on its first day. The new launch gained momentum as Twitter has limited the daily tweets that an unverified user may see.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Meta, couldn’t have timed the launching of the Twitter clone Threads app better. The service attracted a large number of users on its first day. Earlier, Elon Musk caused widespread dissatisfaction among the general public by imposing temporary limitations on user activity that favored those with verified accounts.

Twitter Killer?

Due to significant data harvesting instances, Twitter has limited the daily tweets that an unverified user may see. The introduction of the Threads app raises the possibility that a “Twitter Killer” may soon enter the market.

Meta is attempting to hasten the spread of the Threads app by capitalizing on the widespread use of Instagram. However, the app is being scrutinized heavily due to privacy concerns after Facebook was accused of widespread data breaching throughout the globe.

Data Scraping Issue

More than 30 million people have downloaded and joined the Threads app on its first day. Meanwhile, in light of the current uptick in the use of AI-based chatbots, which need massive amounts of data, it remains to be seen how the Meta app deals with the data scraping issue.

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There is still widespread concern that Facebook and Instagram are collecting users’ private information via the Instagram-connected platform. Health and fitness data, financial data, contacts, browser history, purchases, location, and sensitive information were all stated in the Threads app’s privacy description on the Apple AppStore.

Pooja Bhargav