Terra Classic Devs Confirm June 14 for CosmWasm v1.1.0 Parity Upgrade

Terra Classic LUNC

The upgrade will take place on June 14, following a two-week extension from the original deadline. The decision was made after careful consideration of different upgrade scenarios and consultations with developers. Specific conditions and testing phases are required for the upgrade, and developers are encouraged to upgrade to CosmWasm v1.1.0. Read full article below.

The date when the CosmWasm v1.1.0 parity upgrade will be implemented has been announced by the Terra Classic development organization Joint L1 Task Force (L1TF). Since the Terra Classic community gained control of the blockchain in May of last year during the Terra-LUNA dispute, this is one of the most significant changes. As a result, Terra Classic will be on par with other blockchains like Terra 2.0 and Cosmos.

Deadline Pushed Due to Complexity of Upgrade

The update to CosmWasm v1.1.0 will take place on June 14, as announced on Twitter by Joint L1 Task Force project manager LuncBurnArmy. Due to the complexity of this upgrade, the Terra Classic core programming team opted to push back the upgrade’s original May 31 deadline by two weeks.

There are four possible ways to update CosmWasm from version 0.16.8 to version 1.1.0. However, the intricacy, timeline effects, and financial burdens of each situation are unique. After consulting with leading developers like Fragwuerdig and Edward Kim, the Joint L1 Task Force settled on “Scenario 4” to go forward with.

The upgrade to Parity can only be completed if specific conditions are met. Smart contract unit testing and the upgrading to version 1.2.0 have been completed. By May 31st, they want to have finished testing the v1.2.0 upgrade on the Bajor testnet and to have completed the v1.2.0 ‘dress rehearsal’ upgrade on the rebel-2 testnet.

A revised Agora proposal from L1TF will be published on June 1, with post-governance voting beginning on June 7. On June 14th, it will implement the CosmWasm Parity update. Smart contract developers and DApp owners should upgrade to CosmWasm v1.1.0.

Naseem Sheikh