US Representatives Question Apple’s App Store Impact on Blockchain Tech

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Summary: Two US representatives have written a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, expressing concerns about the App Store's rules potentially stifling the development of new technologies like blockchain and NFTs. The letter cites Apple's tendency to profit from and restrict crypto applications in its policies. 

Concerns over Apple’s App Store and the impact of the company’s standards on new technologies like blockchain and NFTs prompted two US representatives to write a formal letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

The letter inquires as to whether or not the App Store’s rules may unintentionally stifle the development of ground-breaking new technologies. Lawmakers have seen a trend in how Apple handles crypto applications in its App Store policies, where the firm seems to both profit from and restrict their capabilities.

They said that Apple was able to do this by requiring the production of “lite” versions of its software, which made money for Apple but were less capable than the full versions. They used the example of Axie Infinity’s time on the App Store as proof.

The letter was sent to Apple because the senators were worried about the impact Apple’s practices may have on the United States’ reputation in the field of new technology.

Stifling Competition

While Apple has explained these restrictions as necessary to increase security via a “walled garden” approach, the authorities have pointed out that there is widespread concern that Apple is using the App Store to stifle competition.

They underlined that Congress has to have a thorough understanding of the App Store criteria and evaluate how much those limitations may be stifling innovation.

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The legislators declared their intention to level the playing field inside the sector to ensure the continued success of American innovation. The reps had sent a similar letter to Apple before about the App Store’s regulations on Chinese applications like TikTok.

Abhishek Chatterjee